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Mentor in a Box

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Mentor in a Box is designed to connect employees across DOI and at all career levels directly with SES women who share their advice for career success.


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Directives tutorial will show you how to search for Fish and Wildlife Service policies, which include the Fish and Wildlife Service Manual, Director's Orders, and Handbooks.


Geospatial Tutorials
Use geospatial tutorials provided by NCTC Geospatial gurus to learn how to use a variety of different GIS tools and perform different GIS-related tasks.

Videography and Photography

Social Networking Tutorials
Videography and photography tutorials discuss the following topics: Understanding Your Equipment, Basic Videography Techniques, Advanced Videography, Underwater Videography, Interviews for Audio and Video Part 1, Interviews for Audio and Video Part 2, and Basic Still Photography.

Non-DOI Employees
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