NCTC Climate Change IconUsing the FWS Strategic Plan for responding to accelerating climate change as a guide, the NCTC is consolidating training opportunities for FWS staff to increase their knowledge of climate science and climate change as they relate to resource management. NCTC is also partnering with others to bring field scientists and practitioners new learning opportunities in the form of courses, workshops, seminars and webinars.

Through these opportunities, participants can examine how to refocus their conservation efforts by applying the Strategic Habitat Conservation (SHC) framework from local to landscape scale through biological planning, conservation design, conservation delivery, decision-based monitoring, and assumption-driven research. Participants will become familiar with new emerging tools such as structured decision making, adaptive resource management, predictive modeling and population viability analysis.

There are several growing training opportunities available through NCTC. They include instructor-led, online courses, and self paced online training courses.

Webinars - Web conferences are held monthly to get up to date information to those needing it and communicating new tools, plans and approaches in the face of Climate Change.

Resources - In addition to formal training and webinars, there are many resources at your disposal. These resources can help you build your knowledge and appreciation of climate science, climate change, global warming, and resources management strategies being developed and implemented to deal with the changing conditions brought on by climate change.